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40D it is.

Got my 40D delivered by mail two weeks ago. Sweet!


Memi’s 26th

tin canlas

Tin's Birthday Pic (captured with a crappy E71)

We drank beer at Cioccolo and ate pizza and cake afterwards with friends.

Having owned, bought, and sold both systems for more than 6 years, for the nth time, I’m looking for the perfect gadget this Christmas and also something I could bring to my upcoming summer trip to Bora.

Right now, it’s a deuce between two heavyweight semi-pro bodies:

Canon EOS 40d versus the Nikon D200

On the left corner, the “understated” Canon EOS 40D, and on the right corner, the Nikon D200 also known as “The Modern Classic”.

(Note: the author is aware that the 40D should be pitted against the later released (and far superior) D300 however, comparing it on the merits of their bang-for-the-buck, it was fair to compare it to the older D200 instead (whose actual rival is the Canon EOS 30D)).

Here is my in-depth analysis of both cameras:

1. Price– For a month now, I’ve been scouring eBay, TPC, Jerry Tieng and Henry’s websites for the lowest prices for both (used and new) units of both. Both used D200s and 40ds sell at around 34K+. The D200 has been discontinued, however the 40D retails at 42K+ (body only) and 45K+ (with 18-55 kit lens). (winner: it’s a tie)

2. Image Quality – This is the most important feature you need in a camera: and how else would you know whose image quality is better than to look at the images these cameras have produced? Try searching for D200 and 40D shots in and you will notice that the Nikon has better quality when it comes to outdoor shots as it gives out brilliant (some would say oversaturated) images. It’s studio portraits, though, look a tad lackluster. The Canon on the other hand produces a consistent image quality (outdoors and indoors) that trumps the Nikon’s (for a lack of a better word) digicam-with-a-DOF type image. Every professional cameraman will tell you not that megapixels are unimportant but should be of lesser consideration than, say, FPS or ISO. Either way, both cameras have 10 Megapixels under their belt. (winner: Canon)

3. Frames per second – the Nikon has a slower 5 fps rate compared to Canon’s 6.5 fps. This, however, is only important if you’re planning to shoot a hummingbird in mid-air. (winner: Canon)

4. Material – it’s good to know that both bodies are made of sturdy magnesium alloy (compared to the “toy” division i.e. D60 and 450D, both of which are made of polycarbonate, also known as plastic). To its advantage, Nikon also has weather-sealing to prevent unwanted dirt, dust, etc. from entering the body. (winner: Nikon)

5. Handling – Nikons are famous for their intuitive buttons (having put the most important features: ISO, image quality, and white balance easily accessible through the dials) and superb ergonomics. The Canon, who seems to have put a deaf ear to a multitude of requests to put those three features on-hand loses at this round. (winner: Nikon)

6. Weight – the D200 has at 100 pounds on the 40D. One-handed shooting is definitely carpal tunnel-inducing with the (much) heavier Nikon. (winner: Canon)

Due to the difference in release dates, features which will not be considered but are included as an FYI are:

1. Live View – Thiswill not be considered as Nikon only added this feature post-D200 (D90, D5000/3000, etc.). The Canon 40D has live view so that the shots produced are exactly similar as what you saw when upon shooting.

2. LCD – the 40d has a 3” LCD while the D200 sports a 2.5” screen. Both LCDs have the same 230K LCD dots.

And the winner is: [insert drumroll here] the Canon EOS 40D. But you already knew that. 🙂

To see the actual side-by-side comparison for both cameras, click here.

Casualty of Idiocy

Sometimes we are all casualties of idiocy.

I was a casualty more times yesterday than normal.

I had planned my whole day yesterday. From the time I’d get off work till day’s end. First, I’d withdraw from the bank, get my favorite cereal from Parkson, then head to LBC for a shipment, get my groceries from SM, have my anniversary dinner, then head home. And everything somehow tragically went awry.

Scenario 1: The Bank

Already sleepy before getting off work, I decided to withdraw from our office’s BDO ATM turns out it was habitually offline every 15th and 30th. Drove down to BPI instead, where there was a queue of only eight people, 2 of whom were American soldiers, to which I thought, “This is going to be quick”. But HELL no. It took me 40 minutes, yes, 40 minutes to get through the queue.

After the first soldier was done he complained to the other: “40 minutes to get my freakin’ money, stupid people.”. It wasn’t racist, just plain hatred for the time he had to wait to get his money. And if it was racist, I didn’t feel the need to burn his face with my cigarette because it was partly true. It wasn’t like the girl who looks like she works in a factory in Clark would be withdrawing more than Php 50,000. If you divide 40 minutes into 8 people, each person would have taken 5 minutes to withdraw their money.

Solution: ATMs should have a Transaction Time Limit per person. If you exceed said limit, your ATM will be captured and you’d have to claim it from the bank’s head office. This is so that the idiots who don’t know how to use them won’t inconvenience the people who do.

Scenario 2: LBC

I already anticipated a large crowd who will be remitting money as it was salary day so I didn’t expect my trip to LBC to be a quick one. I filled out the shipment form and paid the guy. Turns out my package needed bubble wrap. My girlfriend had to rush to National to get some. It took her a while since the clerk was new and was searching “bubble shit” from her database.

Solution: LBC should either provide or sell bubble wrap themselves.

Scenario 3: SM

The supermarket was crowded with kids and you can barely get through the aisles without bumping someone. On one aisle, this guy was standing behind these brats who were in the middle of the aisle. He glanced at me and obviously noticed that he needed to move in order for me to move my cart. What did he do? He just stood there. I was obviously pissed and had to tell him to move.

Solution: Put these brainless people in a tube and have them tested.

Moral of the Story: This world would be a much better place without everyone’s stupidity holding you up.



Ah, the thrill of that first post. It just makes you want to savor the moment. Every carefully written word, every sensible wisecrack, every painstaking CSS code (which I haven’t used yet, obviously) reeks of that naïveté.